Worldwide software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available for more than 40 country-specific laws and is supported in many languages. Therefore, the product is very suitable for internationally operating companies.

Dynamics4Business has a lot of experience with international projects and works together in a worldwide partner network. This allows us to offer the required support in every country. We are used to politics and different cultures that play in an international force field. We also have specific modules for internationally operating companies.

Our international projects are characterized by:

  • Kernel roll out: developing and deploying a central kernel across companies

  • Choice of database: one central database or multiple synchronous databases?

  • Complex intercompany situations

  • Central item, customer and price management and synchronization between databases

  • Training about and setting up financial administrations

  • Project management worldwide

  • Projects in English

  • Culture and politics

  • Worldwide cloud and hosting

  • Advising within a global infrastructure

International solutions

  • Worldwide software

Microsoft software has millions of users worldwide, is available in 65 languages and for 43 country-specific laws. The international partner network of Dynamis4Business makes implementations possible worldwide. The enormous Microsoft ‘footprint’ ensures that a large budget is available for the further development of the software; you choose a safe investment.

  • Multisite

With this solution, collaboration between business units in both financial and logistics areas becomes easy. Keep track and control your business units or locations and save time by no longer making intercompany bookings.

  • Intercompany+

Saves accounting costs, is accurate and provides you better insight. This allows you to synchronize master data from a central data company to other companies, across one or more databases. The module automatically processes desired Intercompany transactions.

  • Development tools

Dynamics4Business has special tools for synchronizing developments in international databases. No more problems with version management, changes or customization.