Within the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics 365 BC) package, we offer a solution specifically intended for the trade sector. This solution contains a rich functionality that ensures control of the matter, predictability and customer friendliness.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC provides financial software for all business processes. We have various solutions for complex financial structures with subsidiary companies or multiple (foreign) branches and intercompany processes.

  • Intercompany+

Saves accounting costs, is accurate and provides you better insight. This allows you to synchronize master data from a central data company to other companies, across one or more databases. The module automatically processes desired Intercompany transactions.

  • Digital invoicing

The sent invoices automatically end up in your CRM module. You can also schedule batch invoicing automatically.

  • Document scanning

Save time by scanning purchasing invoices, which are automatically created in Business Central after scanning (OCR technology). Acceptance is possible through document approval by e-mail for correct organizational handling.

  • Multisite

With this solution, collaboration between business units in both financial and logistics areas becomes easy. Keep track and control your business units or locations and save time by no longer making intercompany bookings.

  • Telebanking+

For the extensive automation of large numbers of open items. This module is aimed at being able to allocate large amounts of bank transactions to the correct ledger account, customers and supplier.

  • Debtors Cockpit

With this, you have all information about open items, payments, reminders, call notes and sent communication clearly arranged on one screen. Furthermore, you quickly gain insight into the average payment term per debtor and rating of payment behavior.


Dynamics4Business has created solutions for logistics companies within Dynamics 365 BC based on experiences within your industry. The systems are built by logistics experts and are constantly being improved and expanded based on the wishes of our logistics customers. Software by and for your business!