Rental is an add-on for streamlining your equipment and parts rental business, this module is fully integrated into agricultural and construction machinery trade solution (DMS). This solution meets and connects all requirements and workflows for your daily rental transactions. This improves your service quality and maximizes the use of your equipment.

A flexible and accurate module for renting out parts and equipment

Save time

Facilitates the rental process and thus saves significant time.

Maintain control

The cross-site planning calendar keeps you in control of your processes. Process reservations, expected equipment returns, maintenance appointments, transit times, or schedules per customer. This optimizes the use of your fleet.

Simplify your processes

Digital customer and device data simplify calculations and guarantee an easy management process. The module enables centralized tracking of counter values, operationg hours and wear levels.

Avoid repetitive tasks

Automatic text recognition prevents repeated manual data entry. It also guarantees consistent text formulation.

At the push of a button

The automatic billing and contract preparation process ensures fast and easy processing of your rental transactions. Determine your billing terms yourself.

Optimized calculation

Prices are calculated automatically. For example, rental prices are calculated on the basis of fixed and variable items including the calculation of proportional insurance costs.