Barcode Scanning with Tasklet Factory

For a seamless connection between your ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), warehouse and employees, we offer the Barcode Scanning solution. Optimize your warehouse processes through this solution with a user-friendly interface, which is easy to personalize. It enables your warehouse employees to process orders, both online and offline.

When developing the Barcode Scanning solution, the minimization of clicks and unnecessary information has been taken into account, which improves the way of working. Let your employees work more efficiently and save time by using this solution. With smart devices they can easily receive, process, pick and send goods. The smart devices run on the trusted Android operating system. In addition, they communicate with your Business Central environment through the solution. This solution can be implemented in a few days.

Benefits from using the Barcode Scanning solution:

  • Reduction of errors

  • Employees who can work more efficiently

  • Lower warehouse costs

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Accurate stock

  • Rapid implementation

This solution also works offline!

If the internet connection in your area is lost, the processed data will be stored in a cache. The Barcode Scanning solution will automatically enter the data when the connection is made again.